Beach Retractable Screens LLC

Serving The Hampton Roads, Tidewater, and Virginia Beach Since 2006

Measuring & Installation

We can generally estimate and install your Phantom Retractable Screen doors the same day.

The process itself takes about one to two hours depending on the number and type of doors.

  • Our certified installer will confirm the date and time and arrive with the size and color screen that fits your needs.
  • Once on site, the installer will modify the door threshold to solidly attach the bottom screen track.
  • The screen assembly will then be cut to the proper height and installed on the door frame.
  • Once that is complete, the installer will show you the simple operation and maintenance of the door, provide you with the warranty information, and register your door into the Phantom Warranty database.

Phantom Screen Doors are easy to maintain and rarely require service, but if something does happen, we’ll be out to fix the problem.